Paso Fino Horses, like all horses perform better when they are supple.

Here is a stretching exercise that we have used to help maintain our horse's flexibility.

Use this exercise two or three times a week to help supple the horse.

Step 1. Halter your horse and square him up. Stand at the side of the horse and display a carrot Draw the carrot back to the hip point. Do not let him move his feet but let him reach around and take a bite at the carrot at his hip. Practice on each side a couple of times.

Step 2. From one side display the carrot and then draw it down the out side of the front leg and stop 6 inches behind the pastern on the ground. Let him take a bite without moving or bending his front legs. Again work both sides.

Step 3. From the same position now draw the carrot down the front legs and end up with the carrot between each leg and about six inches behind the pasterns. No bending of the knees or walking backwards.

Step 4. Step out in front and face your horse at the end of the lead rope. Present the carrot to the horse again, this time slowly draw the carrot toward you. He should eventually extend out his nice long neck to reach the carrot without walking forward. If he moves, reset him, if he reaches his goals reward him. By the end of a month you'll need a new bag of carrots and your horse should be a lot more flexible.

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