Grandview Paso Fino Farm Inc. was established in 1993. Grandview Paso Fino Farm's commitment is to the promotion of the Paso Fino breed. The smooth gait, willing and attentive personalities, and hardy structure and endurance of the Paso Fino horse was a perfect match for our family's desire to have horses for pleasure riding and trail.

We started our herd with a 3 year old pleasure/trail quality gelding, affectionately called "Jasper" who proudly holds the title of the most beloved lesson horse on the farm. The herd grew from there.

Grandview Paso Fino farms supports a diverse population of quality Paso Fino Horses; from seasoned trail horses to Performance, Pleasure and Classic Fino PFHA show circuit competitors. We have 12 years of experience in the breed. We offer services in sales, breeding, training, and riding lessons. We believe in breeding and training horses that are exceptional representatives of the Paso Fino breed. Our horses, whether strictly for pleasure riding or bred for the show ring, are exposed to riders of various skill levels and heavily trail ridden off the property.

We specialize in matching quality horses to the right rider for a life long partnership. All of our sale horses are handled daily, with love and affection. We expose each animal to a trail environment; which includes: road traffic, water, path obstacles, children, dogs, livestock, group rides and solo excursions. We pride ourselves in knowing each of our horse's individual character and have a firm commitment to ensuring our clients are prepared for the idiosyncrasies of the horse they have an interest in. In short, Grandview Paso Fino Farm focuses on making sure the horse we sell you is conducive to your skills, purpose and personality.

We would enjoy helping you find that special Paso Fino that steals your heart, as the breed has stolen ours. You can find a recent list of horses for sale on the website, but don't hesitate to email or call as new additions are added frequently and the site may not reflect all the sale horses we have available. Over the past 12 years of involvement in the Paso Fino Horse community, we have established a network of reputable owners and breeders we consider our friends to use as a resource to locate the right Paso for a client. So, if we don't have what you are looking for, we can usually find it for you.

Please feel free to contact me and make an appointment to visit our farm. We look forward to exposing you to this uniquely gifted breed of horse.

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